Junior Registrations

Dear Parents/Carers

The 2019/2020 Cricket Season is fast approaching and there have been a few changes.

Please read carefully before clicking on the link to register your child/children.

This season, Cricket NSW have decided to go in alignment with most other sports and so it is COMPULSORY this season to register your child/children Online, (one at a time). Other changes NSCC have made are out of our control and are also listed below.

It’s IMPORTANT to read the instructions below!


  1. Have you claimed your 2nd Active Kids Voucher (AKV)?
    Have it ready when registering as this will give you a saving of up to the value of $100 per child.
  2. If not click on the link to claim your AKV first: Active Kids Voucher Request
  3. Once the AKV has be deducted from the Total, you will need a Credit card OR Debit Card to pay the difference. (ie If you do not have one you will have to purchase one from the supermarket and load it with an amount of your choosing. This again will need to be done before you register your child/children.
  4. This season NSCC will only be offering BULK payment registrations (ie a one off payment of $175.00 per child), with NO other weekly payments to be made through out the season.
  5. Last season 2018/2019 the BULK payment was $190.00 for the eldest child, we have reduced the amount that NSCC will receive because there will be additional charges added to your payment by Cricket NSW:
    • $5.00 – Insurance Fee
    • $20.00 – Conference Administrator fee
  6. Clothing (NSCC Gear – Playing Shirts $30/Caps $10/Wide Brim Hats $20/Club Polos $50)
    • You will then have an option to add clothing items to the cart (IF NEEDED). This way you can pay for it with your credit card and a report will be sent to NSCC so that we know who has purchased what item and what size. These will be available to be collected at registration days or will be given to your coach to distribute.
    • You can still purchase these items with cash at the club rooms, whilst stocks last at the Registration days or through the season.
    • Please make sure that your shirt size is noted when registering your child/children.
  7. Processing Fee: After all items have been added to the cart, there will be a 1.95% processing fee added to the total before you go to the next step and pay.
  8. Other things to amend when registering: Please check if:
    • Name spelt correctly;
    • Date of Birth is correct;
    • Address is correct;
    • Mobile phones and contact details are correct
  9. Now you are ready to register!

Registration Days at the Clubrooms

Thursday 22 August 5:00pm to 7:00pm
Sunday 15 September 9:00am to 1:00pm


  1. These dates are for registering Brand New Players who need to bring along their Birth Certificate.
  2. Parents who are having difficulty registering Online and need assistance you still need to bring your card for payment.
  3. Purchasing NSCC Club gear.

If you have any concerns or further questions to clarify the process please contact us.

If you would like us to call you to speak in person, please indicate a contact phone number and time that suits.

All calls will be made outside business hours.

Juniors wanting to play Seniors

If you have a Junior Player between the ages of 13 & 16, who wants to play Seniors as well this season, SELECT “Combined Junior Stage 3/Snr Registration” to register.

Your Junior Player does not have to pay a Senior Registration Payment. However, they will have to pay $5.00 each Senior game they play.